Thursday, June 9, 2011

Audi Certified Pre-Owned TV Commercial is well written, edited, acted, directed, and produced, but Alex LOGIC thinks something does not add up.

Watch these two audi pre-owned commercials and see if you agree that they are well made, entertaining and memorable commercials.

Several years ago I had two experiences within the same week in which I thought I was notifying the driver about a possible car defect. Both times I was told they did not care because they were returning the car in the very near future.

Just who is the person in real life who is watching over the shoulder of the first Audi Driver to make sure the car is returned in great shape?
If we are to believe pre-owned Audi Cars receive a magical make-over before they are re-sold, then why not show that in the commercial instead?

The original owner will never meet the future owner, and therefore won't have that friendly "nudge" from the future owner to do the right thing when it comes to car maintenance.

The pre-owned commercials that Audi made probably tested well with market research audiences, but what is portrayed in both pre-owned Audi commercials actually has NOTHING to do with reality.

Some people may just giggle at how engaging and fun these two Audi pre-owned commercials are. Maybe Audi car owners who watch these commercials may even feel more compelled to take good care of their own Audi because of these commercials, and that is a good thing.

However, these two Audi Commercials are quite adept at taking fantasy (the meeting of the future owner with the first owner) and making it seem plausible. Deceiving future Audi pre-owned car owners into believing that somehow there is a magic force out there that makes the original Audi owner more responsible is somewhat pretentious. 

Maybe selling fake sizzle may make these commercials a success, but not in AlexLOGIC's book.

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