Monday, June 20, 2011

Miss America Beauty Pageant live public voting needs tweaking to help prevent voting fraud.

The advice I am giving in this article is very valuable and applies to all public voting tabulations done by live television. In my opinion there are at least two Miss America public voting improprieties that should be address.
1. When the public votes to help to determine the top ten contestants they may be voting based on loyalty, and not who they like the most. The voting public may like their own state's candidate best simply because they are from the same state.

2. Not only does the public vote based on loyalty, in the case of Miss America, the public may also call in and vote a LOW SCORE for opposing beauty contestants from other states.
Here is one solution: Clever mathematical algorithms could be designed that disqualify some of the scores that are "too low" or "too high". While someone may legitimately believe that a contestant was a "ten", the reality was that most contestants overall scored between a 5 and a 7.6 in the swimsuit competition.
While it is obvious that people were voting zero's for opposing contestants as scores ranging from 5 to 7.6 would clearly indicate, there is one more thing that the Miss America contest could do to INSTANTLY make the public vote literally 10 times more honest, and accurate.
That idea I shall save for a rainy day just in case the Miss America Pageant would like to hire Alex LOGIC as a consultant.

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