Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mike Royce signs with 20th Century Fox, the Fight to Save Men of a Certain Age will continue by facebook group.

What must not be lost sight of is just how different Men of a Certain Age is/was from almost any other television sit-com/drama out there. 

Unlike Everybody Loves Raymond (possibly the most popular sit com ever produced), there is no laugh track on Men of a Certain Age.

Unlike Modern Family (another favorite of mine), the pacing on Men of a Certain Age is more realistic, less caffeinated. 

If Men of a Certain Age dies after only two seasons, it means we the baby boomer generation are left with the following...

Reality TV shows, cop shows, forensic shows, detective shows, autopsy shows, lawyer shows, laugh track sit-coms, fast paced sit-coms, action, vampire, futuristic and news shows. 
Or, to put it another way, if Men of a Perfect Age is permanently canceled, we baby boomers are left with shows about guns, law breakers, law enforcement, car chases, drug running, kidnapping, murder, vampires, science fiction, Reality TV focusing on socially retarded behavior and/or "beating out" a bunch of other contestants through any means and all means available, shows about culling the herd while never maximizing the value of the herd.

I hope Mr. Royce realizes the profound role he is playing in the future of television for baby boomers. If Mr. Royce truly walks away from Men of a Certain Age and doesn't even look back once more to see if it can be uncanceled, he could become just another example of someone who gave up his power to put on a suit and become what the non creative suits said he should be.

I hope Mr. Royce realizes that all he had to do was take over the SYNDICATION of Men of a Certain Age and use that income to keep producing NEW MOACA shows. Mr. Royce was so close to creating a new paradigm but now I fear he has given in to the same wolves that spit on the american people with their crap programming that is always in pursuit of higher ratings, NO MATTER WHAT THE RATINGS already are!

It's a bullshit ratings game played by bullshitting bean counters in suits who like to make others sweat no matter how successful and talented they are, and I hope Mr. Royce does not completely fall for this trap when he was so close to developing a successful syndication business model for future producers of his esteem.

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