Monday, September 5, 2011

Should Men of a Certain Age visit conventions such as Gen-Con?

Shows like Sons of Anarchy increase their popularity when their cast members attend conventions such as Comic-con. However a show like Men of a Certain Age can't very well attend comic-con, unless the three leads are there to get an autograph from Captain America.

However a show like Men of a Certain Age could attend Gen-Con, the   largest boardgame convention in the United States.
Scott Bakula's character, Terry Elliot, might do well at the Romance Convention.  

In Las Vegas, a prominent consultant suggests bringing back the "Baby Boomer" to Vegas. Meanwhile, Baby Boomer conventions appear to be in their infancy (har har).

It appears to me that baby boomer generation marketing is being marginalized in both the real world and on television as well. Baby boomer conventions are not in vogue, yet.

The lack of baby boomer conventions results in tremendous shows like Men of a Certain Age not getting the word of the mouth that shows like Sons of Anarchy and Game of Thrones get by having their cast members attend the comic-con convention.

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