Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alex LOGIC free storyline idea for the situation comedy industry.

Pregnant wife beats husband in marathon race, this is the kind of idea that Hollywood situation comedy or adult comedy writers will use in the near future that the rest of us might even want to create a betting pool as to how long before it makes it's way into a television comedy storyline, Pregnant women beats husband in a marathon run.

If we take a moment and analyze the situation, there are several reasons for the husband to finish with a slower time. Not seeing his wife up ahead is a good thing as it means she is still running in the race.

If the husband had run a faster marathon time than his pregnant wife, he would have been vilified for thinking more about beating his pregnant wife than watching over her.
I could see David Letterman having a field day with the husband if he had run a faster marathon time than his pregnant wife, asking questions such as..."Did you time the pregnancy specifically to give you enough of an advantage so you could defeat your wife in this particular marathon"?
One logical response to this storyline that adequately explains the situation is that his wife was already a faster marathoner than her husband because she regularly trained, so being pregnant just meant that her margin of victory was smaller.

Be easy on the guy, I bet seeing his wife disappear into the distance during the marathon made him the happiest husband on the planet, let's not ruin his moment.

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