Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jennifer Lopez "My World" Fiat Commercial has a glaring error in it.

I'm a huge Jennifer Lopez fan. Besides all of Jennifer Lopez's known talents, Lopez has a spectacular speaking voice. Yet it is that spectacular speaking voice that lends itself to a huge faux pas in Lopez's voice over for the Fiat "My World" commercial.

A voice over mistake so embarrassingly obvious to me, yet I have not come across any bad publicity over the mistake. It's moments like this when I know I have a lot to offer as a commercials consultant to those too big too fail.

Before reading on, please view the youtube commercial for MY World and focus on the voice over to see if you can catch the mistake in Lopez's voice over. It's the kind of mistake that I would never have allowed in my own studio back when I was doing low budget projects for people who only had two nickels to rub together.

Yet, in the multi-million dollar ad campaign world, this voice over mistake was allowed to fly???  Nobody caught this voice over error by Jennifer Lopez, really? 

Jennifer Lopez Voice over transcript for My World to follow.

Here, this is my World. This place inspires me... to be tougher, to stay think faster. They may be just streets to you, but to me, they're a playground. 

Did you spot the faux pas?  If you appreciate the friendly, confiding tones of Jennifer Lopez in this My World voiceover, do you really want to suddenly be the bad guy, the outsider, the person not good enough to hang with Jennifer after she invited you into her world?  I felt like I had ice cold gatorade dumped over my head, but in a bad way.

"They may be just streets to YOU... (you stupid, thoughtless, insensitive dullard who doesn't get it), but to me, they're a playground.

Thanks, Jennifer, thanks for making me feel like I don't belong on the same planet as YOU.

My Broken heart could have been spared if you had just used the word SOME instead of YOU.  

Here, this is my World. This place inspires me... to be tougher, to stay think faster. They may be just streets to some, but to me, they're a my playground.
I find a lot to like about Jennifer Lopez's My World commercial for Fiat. The pacing, visuals, the sound mix, the way the music comes in at the end and lets the commercial fly high, however all of those good points just makes those two glaring voiceover errors even more off putting.

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