Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grounded for Life, I've never seen a sit com with so much yelling in it.

I don't understand the sit com Grounded for Life. I know it's not in production anymore, but it is in syndication and I can't understand how this show lasted as long as it did with all the yelling.

Just now, one of the kids climbs into the car and yells at his mom so loud he actually distorted the audio! 

In generaly, Yelling is not that funny. 

If you want to learn the difference between great directing and acting, compare the brilliant way that shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens got their anger on, versus how poorly Grounded for Life did it. I would have called the show "Grating for Life".

I really try to avoid being mean on this blog but the director of the episodes that have yelling on the tv show Grounded for Life equals big time hack in my opinion. 

I don't even know who the director is but if I were that person I would try once a week to find out where the masters are to this show and destroy them.  sheesh.

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