Friday, November 18, 2011

Why the Target Lady in Red Scares me.

What I find scary about the Target Lady in Red commercials is that she runs in high heels.

The Hunched Back is a Motoring Dame.


That final shot of the Target Lady in Red running in high heels is just wrong, it's freakishly wrong. The high heels makes her running look strange. 

The running with high heels on causes the Target Lady in red to slump her shoulders forward, it's a very odd look. She kind of looks like a hunchback reindeer about to lower her antlers and gouge anyone in her path.  (edit note, I've gotten google hits within hours of posting this article that use the word "scary" and "creepy" in reference to the running red target lady).

Keeping the Target Lady in Red in high heels while running is also a bit abusive in my opinion. If she is to run, let her run in some quality running shoes. Why aren't the running shoe companies that Target sells in their shows up in feet over this?

An entire Target commercial could be made showing the Target Lady in Red putting on her favorite running shoes and then getting ready to run into a Target Store. 

Target could do a pre-sale sale and sell comfortable running shoes for those who are seriously going to Target Target during their initial pre-christmas sale. (I had this idea a year ago, that's how far ahead I am of these so called advertising "experts").

Target could let those with Target running shoes on, first into their stores during their big sale. The comfort of the running shoes would probably induce those customers to do even more purchasing.

It sometimes pains me to write such incredible stuff knowing this information is literally worth millions of dollars.


I'm starting to feel a bit of scorn and contempt towards the advertising industry people who think they don't need my services yet could obviously benefit from my intuition and experience. 

I think I'll raise my consulting prices.

By the way, the rest of the commercial is clever and well done, which makes the final shot that much more annoying, and scary.

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