Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creepy Time on Jay Leno with both Barack Obama and Kelsey Grammar.

Jay Leno in my opinion has had three of the touchiest moments within the television talk show genre in just the past few weeks. The first two uncomfortable moments involved Barack Obama. 

Jay congratulated Barack Obama on assassinating Osama Bin Laden without mentioning that just a very short time later virtually every Navy Seal that was involved in that assignment died in a helicopter crash.

Barack Obama seemed pleased with the Osama Bin Laden mission when I think the loss of the navy seals involved so soon afterwards should have been of even more importance. Sad to see our president shuffle off the navy seal deaths so easily while still being pleased by the assassination.

During that same appearance, Barack Obama also seemed quite pleased that even though his approval rating was below 40%, it was still three times higher than congress. It was as if Obama was saying, I may suck at my job, but as long as congress sucks worse, I'm in the driver's seat for re-election.

Just now, Kelsey Grammar was on and told his pursuit of his latest wife. What was conveniently left out was that Kelsey was still married at that time!

If this had been a woman in the same situation as Kelsey, telling a story of how she pursued her latest husband even while she was still married to her previous husband, the audience would have probably booed her. 

Kim Kardashian has been the butt of many jokes for divorcing after 72 days, and rightly so (she allegedly made 10 million dollars off of the publicity of getting married). Why does Kelsey Grammar get to romanticize his pursuit that was done while he was still married?

I'm a Kelsey Grammar fan when it comes to the work he has done on television, perhaps that is why he gets to tell his story his way, even if it means leaving out significant details like pursuing his newest wife through an airport even while still married to his previous wife.

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