Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Official, the Target Lady in Red is, "Scary" and "Creepy".

The google votes are in and the Target Lady in Red has produced a surprising number of search hits that use the word "scary" or "creepy" to find the Alex LOGIC Lady in Red commercial review.  My first Lady in Red Target commercial article used the word "scary" to describe the Target Lady in Red, and evidently I am not alone. Creepy has now settled into a close second, right behind scary, among google search words for the Target Lady in Red commercials.

I really think the final shot of this women in red running like a track star at full speed, while in high heels, is scary. I certainly would dive out of the way if I saw a women in heels running at full speed towards me. The thought of that high heel spike landing on my shoe is, scary.

The Target Lady is also hunched forward while running in her high heels and it may be subliminally reminding people of a deer with their antlers descending as they are about to ram somebody in their way. Pepper spray anyone? 

The tone of the Target Lady in Red's behavior is more reminiscent of a stampeding throng of shoppers than visiting your local store on Black Friday and being, nice. Now, there's a concept, people being nice to each other on Black Friday. 

The Target Lady in Red sure seems determined to run at full speed in high heels just as if she was wearing running shoes is, scary indeed.

Scary, Scary, Scary.  Maybe kids will be too afraid to visit Target on Black Friday just in case the scary lady in red is there waiting to lower her antlers and make a run at them.

AlexLOGIC could fix these Target Lady in Red commercials with just a few clever ideas, but alas, Target is one of those "too big to fail" types of companies that would never listen to the little guy, and probably doesn't care that many many many hits about the Target Lady in Red refer to her as creepy, and scary, and that may be scariest of all.

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