Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 television commercials, the year of the witty dialogue and engaging repartee.

"Guess What year it is"... 

And let us not forget... Zombie "Cool, Cool, Cool".

There is another commercial that recently came out that also has a memorable commenting moment, but I can't remember it. Oops, will add it once I see it again or it seeps back into my forward lobe.

FOUND IT! Awesome "Take On Me"

These are probably my three favorite commercials of 2013, yet as engaging as these television commercials are, I have to admit I keep forgetting what product it is that they are representing. This is also known as the kiss of death, the nightmare that all exceptional TV commercial's fear is lurking in the absent minds of those who love the commercial but have forgotten the name of the product behind the awesome commercial.

I think what happens is sometimes a commercial is so clever that the commercial makers themselves can't wait to get it out and into the public and their exuberance actually causes them to forget to carefully analyze if people will remember the product being sold.

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