Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Make Drones Popular and dramatically increase public approval.

I believe the main reason the public is overwhelmingly against Drone technology is because Drones can carry weapons, can kill people by launching a missle, and can observe people without their permission, even if the person has done nothing "wrong". 

Drone technology could serve mankind magnificently if certain rules were put in place regarding "Drone behavior".

1.  Limit Drone speed to no more than 15 miles an hour.
2.  Limit the height at which drones can operate to less than 200 feet.
3.  A Drone can only carry a weapon if a judge has signed off that the
     target has been verified as a true threat.
4.  Require that all drones have insurance coverage.
5.  Drones can be legally shot at (assuming no people are in the
     background) if a person feels they are in danger because of the

As it stands right now, Drones are military priority first, peaceful use second. Drones should be used in the manner in which NASA was created to observe outer space, except Drones should be used for peaceful purposes within our own local skies.   

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