Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Could Drone Rail Technology be the next big thing?

How are blue collar jobs being affected by satellites up above and perhaps soon, drones as well? 

Pizza delivered by Drone? Probably not. Perhaps in low density areas?

If Drones could deliver pizzas, does that take away a blue collar pizza delivery job? Or is that job converted to a drone supervising job? Or, is the drone supervising job a higher paying job that replaces 2 or 3 blue collar driving jobs?

Probably the final option, drones may create some higher paying jobs that reduce more lower paying blue collar jobs as a trade off. 

Could the saving grace of drone technology be that it reduces the need for petroleum? Assuming that a drone delivering a pizza requires less energy than a 1.5 ton car does, than there could be a positive to peaceful drone activities.

Perhaps one day we'll see drone rail technology. Very thin elevated rail lines in which the drone pulls a magnetic or wheel based product carrying transport along a thin light rail along pre-defined routes. 

Drone stop off hubs allow for human retrieval by humans who then deliver the product over a much shorter distance. Perhaps a distance so short that walking or bicycling is the preferred method of final delivery.

What I find intriguing about drone rails is that the scope and ability of a drone to do bad things is potentially reduced in a dramatic fashion. In essence, a drone becomes the modern day light weight horse and buggy that follows specific paths for delivering goods.

What could foil this idea? Possibly birds could. Birds would probably LOVE to sit on a drone rail line (so would squirrels). Would the birds know to get out of the way when a drone approaches? Maybe an approaching warning sound could be produced as well. Not sure how a squirrel gets out of the way however. Maybe there would be turn out spots along the rail lines where an animal or bird could temporarily stay while the drone passes by.

The freedom of a drone is what most of the media reports about and it is drone freedom to do hostile things that pits people against drones. AlexLOGIC would like to see drones constrained into performing specific tasks that most would agree are both peaceful and energy conserving as well.

But then one wonders, are drones needed to drag product along a drone rail line? Might it be even more cost effective if the drone lines were electrified and turned into ultra light weight delivery monorail?

Or, is concentrating the power source within the drone itself the safest and most cost effective approach? Educated opinions are welcomed in the comments section.

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