Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Wishes from Cosmopolitan, Lauren Conrad, and unfortunately at least one Target Store as well, has Cosmo gone too far?

Why would Cosmopolitan risk Lauren Conrad's clothing designer reputation and Target's family image and make such a disrespectful January, 2014 Magazine cover and allow it to be placed inside at least one Target Store in Southern California?

Click on image to Enlarge if you want to read all the headlines.

What made the Cosmopolitan January 2014 magazine cover so out of place in a Target Store was the fact that it is the Winter Holiday Season and no other magazine on the 4 or 5 level Magazine display had anything near as raunchy. 

The Cosmopolitan magazine stood out so much and seemed so.... "not what I would want to see were I a parent visiting a Target Store with my kids" that I kind of requested/demanded that Target remove it from the store display as soon as possible, as in now please.

I then called Target from the customer service area and requested they remove the January 2014 Cosmopolitan from all of their stores, assuming it is also in other Target Stores.

If Cosmopolitan wants to compete with the raunchier magazines out there peddling soft porn in a wink wink, nudge nudge sort of way with sexual innuendo and pornographic titles on the cover, than put it in the adult magazine section and out of the more family oriented locations that still exist. 

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