Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Allyson Felix Robbed of Gold Medal by incomplete Olympics rules regarding diving versus leaning.

The definition of the word torso in present day vernacular should acknowledge the words Torque, Torsion, and Trunk. Torque is created by the pelvis region of the body, as is Torsion. And the Torso, also known as the trunk, as in the trunk of a tree that holds all the weight of the tree, is also found in the definition of the backend of a car, analogous to the pelvic region of a human being which supports all the weight above it.

However, since the lean at the finish line has long been accepted as a method for crossing the finish line in a track race, we should also consider that it has never been when then the tip of a finger or the top of the head crosses the finish line.

Although AlexLOGIC still prefers which pelvis crosses the finish line first as the most authentic form of deciding a winner in a track race, the Olympic rules for crossing the finish line of a race as they presently stand are incomplete, and they failed Allyson Felix last night in her race against Shaunae Miller.

If both runners are upright at the finish line, then sure, use the lean rule as it presently stands to determine the winner, which I think refers to the chest area crossing the finish line, although it really should be when the pelvis crosses the finish line. 

But if one runner leans while the other runner dives, the diving runner's bottom part of the front of their pelvis crossing the finish line should be used to determine when the diving runner actually crossed the finish line.

Last time I checked runners don't run with their torsos parallel to the ground, so if a runner chooses to dive across the line, it should be the lowest front part of the pelvis that is used to determine when they actually cross the finish line. 

A lot of time and attention has been paid to the rules that govern the start of Olympic track races, however not enough time has been spent analyzing what part of the body should be the point at which a runner officially crosses the line when they dive across the line.  

Allyson Felix's pelvis is actually ahead of Shaunae Miller's pelvis as Miller is about to dive across the finish line, yet Miller's time is recorded as being 7 one hundredth's faster than Felix's time, and AlexLOGIC finds that to be illogical, and incorrect.

Allyson Felix was robbed of a gold medal by a pedantic misunderstanding of what a torso actually is in real life on a real, living person, and Allyson Felix was also robbed of a gold medal by allowing runners who dive to have the wrong part of their body used to determine when they have crossed the finish line.

If runners are allowed to use two different methods to cross the finish line, then it is logical to assume that there might need to be two different methods used to determine when each runner actually officially crosses the finish line.

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