Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why are millions who stare at their social media devices suddenly planning to stare at the sun during the Eclipse and go blind?

AlexLOGIC just doesn't get it. 

Whenever AlexLOGIC is out and about he sees the MAJORITY of people staring at their social media devices. So why on earth would these same social media device starers want to take a moment to STARE AT THE SUN during a solar eclipse and risk losing their eyesight?

AlexLOGIC would like to suggest that the millions upon millions of people planning to stare at the sun through sunglasses they have not tested simply find the solar eclipse being streamed live and just watch it on their social media device, assuming that their social media devices while wearing sunglasses won't burn out their eyeballs.

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unfashioned said...

And what is stats? Is there any burning eye of eclipse?

Alessandro Machi said...

Good Question, did anyone actually go blind. Apparently it may take time to know for sure. But the point of the article was to visualize the irony of people who literally walk looking down at their social media devices the entire time they are walking, looking up into the sky just long enough to blind or damage their eyesight.

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