Monday, October 18, 2021

An Internet Innovation that could create product royalties for a viewer's favorite websites.

This is so darn logical in regards to Internet ads I cannot understand why it is not being done. All I want on my favorite websites that I want to support is a text box where I can type in what I am looking for and if I know the site where the product resides, I can type that in as well.
After I hit click the I am transported to either the site where I intend on purchasing a product, or to a page with a few choices. If I Purchase something the site I was on gets a percentage residual. What a great way to support your local online newspaper or blogger. 

Rather than show me an ad of a product that I looked at a week ago and may have already purchased or am no longer interested in, why not just put an empty text box on the site I am on and I type in what I am looking for?

What am I missing? 
Why doesn't the above already exist?

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