Sunday, March 27, 2022

COVID-19 Protocols the Media Never Questioned Raises more Questions.

What COVID-19 related Big Tech Censorship revealed was there was only one way forward, "Do as the alleged Medical Experts say to do and do not disagree with their message in any way".
We are a civilization of experimenters. A significant number of both Doctors and Patients quickly chilled to the idea that that there was only one combination to combat COVID-19: Social Distancing, Masking, Vaccines, and Home Quarantine.

Questions that were not allowed to be discussed by people with questions included... 
  • Was it possible that breathing in and out of a mask all day long might have unknown, detrimental consequences? 
  • Was it possible that after 20 years of never coming up with an overall effective flu vaccine, Big Pharma would come up with an effective Vaccine for COVID-19 in less than one year's time?
  • Was it ethical to project the theory that a Vaccine was human kind's only hope against COVID-19 as a fact?
  • Why do many who protest what they see as COVID-19 tyranny  believe that sneezing does not spread COVID-19?
  • In the very early stages of a possible COVID-19 infection, when a person was asked to Home Quarantine for 7 to 14 days, why were there no Home Quarantine Studies being done to see if a certain combination of activities might actually slow down the  growth of a COVID-19 infection? Thus allowing a person's anti-bodies to do a better job of preventing COVID-19 from progressing into a life threatening situation.
  • Why was Donald Trump so mercilessly attacked when he asked a question about COVID-19 treatment ideas that was meant to elicit a discussion about possible COVID-19 treatment options above and beyond Vaccine and Masks since the Vaccine was still over 6 months away from being available?
  • How were people supposed to react to accusations of Medical Racism in Underserved Communities after decades of Undocumented Migration producing concentrated pockets of Under Served living in big cities and in cramped, over crowded quarters, who may have actually been driving up COVID-19 numbers and inevitable fears and Government controls and thus causing others who lived in less cramped conditions to be just as restricted in their daily activities when they were not the cause of the inflated COVID-19 Numbers?
  • Why were obese people upset that not everyone else wanted to completely comply with insufferable COVID-19 restrictions because of the obese person's obesity?
  • Why were Family members blockaded from any type of visitation with COVID-19 Hospital Patients, never getting to see them before they passed?
  • Why were COVID-19 Hospital Patients kept imprisoned to the point where one wonders if lack of movement contributed to their demise?
  • Was it possible that placing numerous COVID-19 Hospital Patients in the same large room actually contributed to their death? 
The present but temporary 2022 respite from COVID-19 restrictions has made Anti-Big Tech dig in their heels and say "Never Again" when nothing has actually changed other than a COVID-19 respite for the time being.

It seems as if what COVID-19 ultimately created was a method for Government to control entire populations who were never asked to participate in any type of voluntary, home based clinical trial experiments during Home Quarantine to see if there were any ways to reduce the overall personal impact of COVID-19, and that stunning oversight continues to this day, in large part because both Big Tech and our Mainstream media seemed to like it that way.

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