Sunday, April 3, 2022

Playing the "What if" Game regarding the 2022 Oscar Awards and the Slap heard Round the World.

After the Chris Rock "G.I. Jane" joke, what if Jada Pinkett Smith had started to cry, gotten up, and asked Will Smith to escort her out of the Academy Awards Show, and slowly, while softly sobbing, left the Academy Awards Show with Will Smith by her side, and that long, flowing green dress lingering behind them?

What would have happened?

Would not both Jada and Will have been the toast of the World? Would not the Academy, and possibly Chris Rock, actually pursued both Will and Jada and begged them to come back to the show?

Instead we got the Slap heard round the World.

I mention this because Black Anger sometimes wins out over Black Vulnerability, perhaps because African Americans don't believe others would have empathy for them when they feel they have been dissed?

Perhaps owning one's own vulnerability is the secret to success?

Which is why I LOVE this Crest commercial so much. The final shot of this commercial is so memorable, awe inspiring, and full of so much positivity I hope people of all colors embrace the message, and ironically the final shot was about as long as the slap heard round the world.
I think this kid Amarr Wooten ... Lead role, has a future in Hollywood, bigly. And props to the co-stars Camryn Hamm ... Girl in driver's seat of car, Kimberly Hamm ... Girl in car with phone who both came off as totally believable and likeable.

The commercial is well shot, directed and performed. Would have loved to have seen a wider shot approaching the car but they packed a lot into a 15 second spot.

Owning a moment in time with authenticity apparently surpasses lashing out in anger.

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