Sunday, April 10, 2022

Mainstrean Media released deceptively edited 911 footage of the Pentagon Airplane crash that fueled conspiracy theorists ever since.

I don't know if it was intentional, or just some intern carelessly prepping the Pentagon video clip that would be released by The AP, but the video footage that was released was shortened in such a way as to create just enough doubt that it was an airplane that hit the Pentagon.

I recently came across the part of the footage that was missing, and I debunked it as being a missile, and now I can't find that video link online. Now THAT'S a conspiracy.

Here is what The Associated Press released on YouTube.

The above footage cuts off critical moments before the explosion that easily and coherently allows me to explain why this is was an airplane that hit the Pentagon.

I did find another video of this same angle on Pinterest, except the video appears to have been zoomed in, once again leaving me to wonder if the real conspiracy was making the video look it could be a missile when it was not. Click here to see the zoomed in perspective, which also may add enough doubt to satiate most Conspiracy Theorists.

I managed to find the version of the Pentagon 911 plane crash video that claims it was a missile. What is actually so crazy is this is the only video on Youtube that I could find that actually provides the evidence other two videos did not provide that allowed me to debunk the claim that this was a missile.

This is a conspiracy within a conspiracy that actually reveals the truth. I will add why this video explains this is a plane crash and not a missile crash in the future. And my evidence goes well beyond the one frame just before the explosion that shows a white blurry object in the far right part of the video image.

Check back and I will provide the explanation.

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