Friday, March 10, 2023

The 1.2 million voters removed from the Los Angeles County Voter Rolls could impact the George Gascon Recall.

The George Gascon recall drive may have been thwarted by bloated Los Angeles voter rolls that most likely inaccurately raised the recall signature threshold needed to recall George Gascon.

The recent removal of over 1 million, 2 hundred thousand voters from the LA voter Rolls may, or may not, have inflated the number of petition signatures required for the George Gascon recall vote. And, even if the argument is made that that was then, this is now, we would then have to ask how long was the voter roll reduction stalled before it came to be. 

Voter Roll Removal could become a quid pro quo in which LA Officials were stalling before the voters were removed from the voter rolls, thus inflating the number of signatures needed to recall George Gascon. 

Stay tuned as Daily Puma attempts a calculation to see how many less signatures the George Gascon recall actually needed.
On first glance this would mean the recent removal of 1.2 million voters from the rolls has no standing in regards to the Gascon recall. However, lets backwards engineer the numbers. From a claimed 5.67 million LA voters, the new numbers reflect a drop of 1.2 million voters, meaning there are now 4.47 million voters. This would mean only 447,000 votes would now be needed to recall George Gascon. 
Is it fair to just suddenly jettison 1.2 million voters and claim it had no effect on recent recall attempts? DailyPUMA believes the 1.2 million votes that were removed would have to be charted on a graph as if the voter rolls were actually being cleaned up every year. Just because 1.2 million voters were removed from the voter rolls does not mean they all "rolled off" this year. A calculation would have to be made going back at least 10 years and the 1.2 million removed voters could be calculated at 120,000 per year.

2012 to 2020 equals 8 years x 120,000 per year voter attrition. That would mean 960,000 thousand more voters were on the roll in 2020 than actually existed. Instead of 5.67 million voters, the argument can be made that when Gascon was elected, there were only approximately 4.71 million voters. This in turn means the Gascon recall only needed 471,000 votes to qualify, NOT the mandated 567,000.

This also raises the issue that by not updating voter rolls, local Governments are engaging in a power grab in which voters ability to recall an official diminishes the more bloated the voter rolls actually are. This also means vote percentage totals have been significantly inaccurate, which in turn can demoralize voters into thinking their city is apathetic because of inaccurately lower voting percentage totals.
If I were involved in the Gascon Recall effort, I would be in court demanding the petition total required to recall Gason was based on voter rolls that were not in compliance with FEDERAL LAWS, and that a new calculation needs to be retroactively applied that would instantly make the Gascon recall valid.

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