Sunday, December 17, 2023

Why prioritizing Animal Welfare, a Coherent Recycling Strategy, and Improved Human Healthcare Services, over Homelessness, could actually help reduce Homelessness.

Imagine a home that hosts one party a day, every day. Most would agree a Party a day, every day, is an unsustainable model for any home to function normally. Now add in that the guests at each Party are different from the previous Parties, the participants do not know each other, did not know the hosts, and have no tangible future plans once that day's Party is over. 

Welcome to America 2023.

This "Party first" approach has run amok in the U.S., courtesy of an unending, escalating stream of Uninvited Migration. It turns out that once a person has attended a "Party" (aka entrance into the United States), their well being at the Party, and after the Party, becomes the responsibility of those who allowed the Party to happen courtesy of our Legal System. 

Enter the Lawyers. Suddenly Lawyers become available to represent the uninvited who attended any of the Parties and were subsequently treated inhumanely.  Lawyers who were not available for the everyday American (many Americans have needed a lawyer at one time or another and not been able to get the help they needed) can now sue the Host of the Party from a wide ranging pallet of potential abuses for those who were never invited to the U.S., nor have ever paid into the U.S. Economy in any way. 

Enter a paradigm shift strategy. 

Because we all know and would all agree that no home can host a party a day in perpetuity without an inevitable harmful outcome due to a lack of ongoing care to the Home's infrastructure and the Home's resident's needs, a shift in strategy is required. 

The Home, the people in the Home, and the Home's contents have to be prioritized FIRST, before more Parties can be had. Welcome to recommitting to our Home, the United States, and those who are already here, and already vulnerable. 

Animals have become one of the most stabilizing influences in at least half of the residences in the United States. Yet more and more animal shelters are becoming Instant Kill shelters when an animal is dropped off by a Guardian who themselves is having a hardship. if we can't be Guardians to the truly most vulnerable, who also give back so much more in love, affection and devotion then, then we should not be having more and more parties.

Our recycling programs are a disaster, surely we would want for America what we expect in our own residences, a relatively tidy place where we can relax and have our moments of peace and tranquility.

Our healthcare is a disaster. Many Hospitals and ER's are either under funded by the Government's medicare and medicaid reimbursement structure, or are under staffed because they are Privately owned and shareholders must be paid a tidy profit at the expense of fair and competent healthcare for all.

If the U.S. cannot competently care take for the animals they love, the land we bury our trash in, and elders and veterans who committed their life to the betterment of the United States, how can we keep allowing millions of the uninvited into our country on a yearly basis?

And therein is the pathway to reduce homelessness. If we presently have less Homeless in the U.S. than the total amount of people who are arriving uninvited ever year, then it would appear reducing the Uninvited to a trickle would allow more resources to be harnessed for the benefit of our Elder and Veteran care, along with Animal and Environmental care, which in turn would significantly reduce homelessness in the U.S.

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