Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Parallels between Charlie Sheen and Anna Nicole Smith seem to be increasing by the day.

I recall an Entertainment Tonight Television Interview with Anna Nicole Smith in which it appeared to me that Ms. Smith was staying in the Bahamas so that she could use an overabundance of prescription drugs.
The Entertainment Tonight television interviews were pretty close in time to Ms. Smith's overdose death and I always wondered what became of those interview tapes, ALL OF THE TAPES, including ALL the video footage that was left on the editing room floor, even the pre-roll and post roll material as well.
It seemed pretty clear to me from watching those highly promoted Anna Nicole Smith interviews during sweeps month by Entertainment Tonight that Ms. Smith was being propped up with vasts amounts of drugs by her "handlers"; who have since been acquitted, although charges may be brought up again.

I think Ann Nicole Smith was afraid to come back to the states because eventually she would have been prosecuted for her prescription drug use, and that is why she was staying in the Bahamas. I have wondered if those Entertainment Tonight camera master tapes were ever viewed by the prosecution and if that might have made a difference in how the prosecution's case was handled.

The reason I care is because Anna Nicole was a mother. Even dysfunctional, drug addicted parents sometimes can bond with their kids and actually be a good influence. Having a mom or dad who is truly cool with their own child even while being a dumb arse to society might actually be an empowering feeling for a child to experience.

The drug addicted parent might find their own child to be the one relationship in their life where they want to do good because their own child could have a positive sentimental sway over their own parents.

For that reason, I feel that somebody should have served jail time for Anna Nicole's death because it was pretty obvious that she was staying in the Bahamas to do prescription drugs, and it took educated professionals to help keep Smith's prescription drug ruse going, and the ultimate result was that a very young child lost her mother much too soon.

Which brings me to Charlie Sheen.
No matter how off the deep end Mr. Sheen may have gone, the fact that he is involved in a number one television show is still a credit to him. Furthermore, because Mr. Sheen has kids, I believe that anyone who wants to work with Mr. Sheen in the future needs to verify what Mr. Sheen's PHYSICAL health is before they work with him.
There seems to be a lot of talk about whether Mr. Sheen is doing drugs or if he is "clean".
This is an oversimplification of the situation. If Mr. Sheen has an underlying physical abnormality (which could be related to PAST drug use), such as critical parts of his brain may have already turned to gray matter, then Mr. Sheen may not even be aware that he is operating at less than 100%.

It's further possible that if Mr. Sheen were shown a scan of his own brain, and it was explained to him what was going on, that Mr. Sheen might be sufficiently motivated to voluntarily change his own behavior.

Just as those who enabled Anna Nicole Smith to "function" by funneling prescription drugs to her when she was in obvious need of help were eventually taken to court, I would suggest that anybody who employs Charlie Sheen without Mr. Sheen being PHYSICALLY examined first could be accelerating Mr. Sheen's ultimate demise, for their own gain.

Because of Charlie Sheen's kids, it is my belief that if future professional contacts succeed in ending Mr. Sheen's life prematurely by not caring about his physical health before employing him, they should be held accountable in a court of law because of the damage they do both to Mr. Sheen, and his kids, who will no longer have their father in their life.

If you happened to be my client, and were considering working with Mr. Sheen, the advice I have shared up above could very well be one dollar short of priceless.

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