Friday, March 18, 2011

Sometimes, comedy writes itself, like this youtube video about Liquefaction in Japan.

Opening scene to a movie. A handheld camera is documenting a crack in the ground. The voice explains in a scientific manner what liquefaction is. The camera turns 90 degrees to show the continuation of the crack in the ground. The camera person mentions how unsteady the ground feels
and as they struggle to regain their balance we see the line in the ground has taken another 90 degree turn.

The camera person comments that they have never seen such a pervasive example of liquefaction before. As the ground rumbles the camera person loses their balance momentarily and the camera angle turns once again to reveal the crack in the ground completely surrounds him.

Wow, liquefaction all around me, this is un.......... (the ground surrounding our camera person collapses and swallows them up).

Now, we just have to figure out how we get to see the video footage since the camera was presumably swallowed up along with the camera person. Live Web Cam feed perhaps?

I should add that this in no way relates to the actual horrible events going on in Japan at this time. If I understand correctly, certain countries around the world have been able to expand the land they live on by building out into the ocean in slow steps, sort of extending their living space. In this instance, it appears that liquid has seeped back underneath and could pose a serious problem. However, seeing someone stand directly on top of the liquefaction area in a relatively calm manner is paradoxical to a certain extent.

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