Sunday, May 27, 2012

American Express Kayak commercial, almost funny, but it's not.

I wanted to like the american express kayak commercial, I wanted to laugh, and I sort of chuckled, but the commercial is definitely lacking something, and it does not play well in repeated showings for me.

I wonder if a supporting cast would have helped this commercial.  Maybe the Kayaker's friends throw cups of water on him, maybe one is a girl that is flirting with him so he ends up buying a kayak for two?

Even some sound effects would have helped.

On top of that, the way the kayaker just sort of whips out his phone and pays by american express, as if it's a throwaway expense but he can afford it, is slightly offensive in this day and age of job loss and economic stagnation.

Kayaking is a serious endeavor, no goofing around or one can end up drowned, especially if they go alone.

Why not just make a commercial about someone with poor vision buying a high end sports car, kind of the same thing, no, is that really funny?

I still like the actor who plays the kayaker, Aziz Ansari of Community.

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