Monday, May 14, 2012

Clay Aiken, the New Captain Kirk of Celebrity Apprentice Star Trek?

I like the original Star Trek Series, I wish they had made 150 of them instead of the 79 that were made.

I'd love to see a remake of the original Star Trek series. The special effects were not over done as I feel they were in later Star Trek spin off series, and I would love to see more old school special effects if a  Celebrity Apprentice Star Trek version actually made it to television.

Someone once made fun of some Captain Kirk's grimaces, and that slightly ruined his character for me, but only temporarily. I still like  the character of Captain James T. Kirk  played by William Shatner.

Watching Clay Aiken on the 2012 Celebrity Apprentice, especially the opening sequence of the final episode, Part I, that aired on Mothers day, 2012, it just suddenly clicked to AlexLOGIC that Clay Aiken would make a terrific Captain Kirk.  

 Meet the new James T. Kirk, Clay Aiken.

The Original James T. Kirk.

Many of the 2012 Celebrity Apprentices would work well as the officers of an original Celebrity Apprentice Star Trek remake.
 Chief Engineer, Scotty, aka Penn Jillette
 Uhura, Aubrey O'Day
 The head of the Star Trek Federation, aka Donald Trump
 James T. Kirk's favorite on board vixen, Dayana Mendoza
 Star Trek Veterinarian Tia Carrere (ok, there wasn't a veterinarian on the original Star Trek, but there should be for the new version).
Donald Trump, lobbying hard for that head of the federation position. 
 Star Trek chief Litigator/negotiator(a new position), Lisa Lampanelli 
Meet Spock, Adam Carolla, flare that eyebrow, Adam.
Aresenio Hall, Possibly Chekov's or Sulu's position.
George Takei, playing himself from the original Star Trek and having accidently been age accelerated on the planet dosomar, has now been frozen to preserve his remaining years and is only thawed out when his experience is essential to saving the Enterprise or solving a crisis, sometimes votes are taken on whether or not George is "Thaw worthy."

Lou Ferrigno, ready willing and able to lift or throw anything at anytime, whether appropriate or not. 

There you have it, the Star Trek Celebrity Apprentice, courtesy of AlexLOGIC.  

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