Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BP Gulf Oil Spill Solution, how about rebuilding the oil station platform again?

The delay in capping the Gulf Oil Spill probably is the right decision. What is the point of capping the ocean floor leaking well if pressure builds up and a week later there is a huge explosion and suddenly there are several additional holes leaking oil.

Several more unpluggable holes could result in practically zero visibility, so as bad as it is now, it could actually get worse if capping the oil leak causes pressure build up that leads to new leaks.

So what is the solution?

Build a streamlined Ocean top pumping station and drop down a connecting tube to the leak and begin pumping oil again. Hopefully the new cap that was just installed has the ability to raise and lower the pressure as is necessary.

But here is where it gets more complicated. An Ocean floor level "pod" (preferably made out of glass) large enough to house people, equipment, and a couple of submarines, would need to be located near the location of the Ocean floor spill area so that people can motor over in a submarine to do repairs and improvements as necessary.

I have no idea if this is possible, but if we can land an astronaut on the moon, can't we land on the ocean floor of our own planet to save our oceanic ecosystem?

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