Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Volkswagen strikes again with another hate america commercial that is shroud in comedy, this one is called "Shoot the Gap".

What is it with Volkswagen? Based on Volkswagen's recent american commercials they really seem to revile americans. First AlexLOGIC took Volkswagen to task over their Punch Dub commercials, now it is their "Shoot the Gap" commercials that need to be punched over.
The "Shoot the Gap" commercial is easily fixable, and is the kind of commercial that somebody from Volkswagen, or the ad agency, should have the common sense to contact AlexLOGIC for amazingly sound advice over how to "fix" this commercial.

In many parts of the United States, I think truckers normally stay in the far two right lanes. I wonder how "realistic" the two trucks shown with an entire lane between them really is.

In my opinion Volkswagen's Shoot the Gap commercial is every bit as misguided as the infamous Taco Bell "Thelma and Louise" commercial that ran for a night or two and was then immediately pulled. I found out about the Thelma and Louise commercial through a friend and was there when that commercial was filmed. I actually commented to the agency people, (when no one else was around), that their commercial would probably get pulled. They disagreed, but what else can be expected when a whole lot of money has already been committed to the creation of a doomed commercial.

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