Friday, July 16, 2010

Old Spice Questions starring Isiah Mustafa another hit commercial.

and probably better than the "I'm on a Horse"
commercial masterpiece
that aired during the 2010 Super Bowl.

These Old Spice commercials starring Isiah Mustafa execute all of their stunts in real time and within the same take with minimal if any digital special effects. They remind of me of why shooting on film can be magical versus shooting digitally and then creating everything afterwards.

The Old Spice "Questions" commercial is like a Fed Ex Delivery delivery of the movie print to the theatre versus having a film transmitted by satellite to a movie theatre digitally. Or, like talking to an actual sales person in an actual store versus Asking Mr. Jeeves.
It's like making a commercial about the auto bots that make automobiles vs showing the actual human workers.

Actually hiring people to work together to create a real time, one take visual masterpiece versus a bunch of computers all locked together creating the uber special effect of all time reminds me of the old film vs digital debate. We need both.

One criticism, and you just know that the makers of the commercial were probably trying to make this happen, I wanted to see Mr. Mustafa actually drive off in the motorcycle, although I could see how difficult that would be since the motorcycle was underwater.

I had to break my rule of commenting only on commercials I have seen on television because I like this commercial so much and just stumbled across it on the internet on the Old Spice channel. I have not yet seen this commercial on television even though it was created June 30, 2010 and it is now July 16, 2010, but it is definitely one commercial I won't ever channel surf whenever it does come on.

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