Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ines Sainz throws the New York Jets a Curve, or two or three or more.

If you think this article about Ines Sainz is simply to grab hits for this blog, you would be correct. What is most irascible about Ines Sainz being a sports reporter is that she picked the one type of news venue, sports, where STRAIGHT LINES abound. Be it the basketball court, the soccer field, a baseball diamond, or the football field, all that one can see are straight lines.

And then along comes Ines Sainz throwing the New York Jets football players, curves. It just isn't right. Curves mixed in with all those straight lines creates a natural distraction.

Allegedly, the New York Jets players were purposely throwing the football near Ines Sainz so they could have a reason to approach her. All I can say, thank god the football players at least came up with a reason to approach Sainz.

If you want to see photos of Ines Sainz in action, just click here.

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