Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TVLAND's embarrassing promos for She's Got the Look.

Sigh. Just when I believed TVLAND might be the last great hope for middle aged americans and older as a channel that does not cater to creating new programs that mirror the reality tv stupidity churned out for the under 35 crowd by most other channels, along comes "She's got the Look".

The premise of "She's got the Look" is terrific, the execution of the actual program, and more specifically, the promos, has set back creating programming for middle aged americans a century or two.

The "She's got the Look" promos, as bad as they are, are played over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. TVLAND actually runs "She's got the look", "brought to you by promos" during Everybody loves Raymond! I have never heard of such nonsense nor seen it before either.

In general, TV LAND does an amazing job of hyping itself with the amount of promos they run for their own programming throughout the day and night, however, when the content of the promos is adolescent drivel at best, hearing it over and over and over and over during Everybody Loves Raymond or Rosanne is nauseating to say the least.

TVLAND does not get that I am willing to watch EveryBody Loves Raymond episodes multiple times because the quality of the writing and acting is fantastic. To then apply that same repetitive motiff to shows starring Joan Rivers, or Hot in Cleveland, or She's got the Look, is embarrasingly bad television. None of those three shows are awful, but they ARE awful when they are run over and over and over and over, and their promos that are run over and over and over and over, become stunningly moronic.

Just let it Be TVLAND.

Just because you over promote and over repeat your original, mediocre programming to squeeze every last rating point out that you can does not make it right, or meaningful, or sensible. However, it does make me wonder why quality shows like EveryBody Loves Raymond or Rosanne want to be associated with your channel.

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