Friday, September 24, 2010

Jerry Brown for Governor commercial, "Serious" is very solid, with one slight flaw.

I like what Jerry Brown is doing in this commercial (called "Serious") for governor of California. Brown has done something that I don't recall anybody doing in the past 10 years. Brown is actually saying we all have to fix the problem.

This is a far cry from George Bush who wanted us to "keep shopping" after 911. From George Bush to Barack Obama to Meg Whitman, and others, the message they give is they are coming in to save us, as if whatever "we the people" can do to help fix things is irrelevant.

Never in a time of war before the Bush presidential era do I recall a president saying that it was our job to keep shopping. Usually the opposite was required, meaning don't waste "ANYTHING", ration, scrimp, share, and save. Jerry Brown is saying he won't do it alone, he needs us to be part of the solution. So far so good.

However, there is one flaw in the commercial, just who is "local government" that Jerry Brown proposes to bring populist decision making to? Is it local government such as what happened in the city of Bell and the now jailed politicians, are these the local politicians Mr. Brown wants to give more power to?

Is it Los Angeles local government in which I personally felt embarrassed that a city that appears to be hopelessly in debt can find the time to boycott Arizona rather than fix its own problems?

Are these the local governments that Jerry Brown is asking us to "trust"?

One other flaw that makes me cringe on a personal level is when Mr. Brown says, "at this point in my life", it reminds me of LeBron James saying, " I'm taking my talents to Miami".

Instead of saying, "at this point in my life", how about, "I know you're tired of politicians that are afraid to stand up to their own supporters...., so am I." It would be really amazing if Jerry Brown mentioned how pensions are going to stranglehold the California budgets for the next few decades. (although if the pension money were re circulated back into the California economy, the effect may not be as bad as we think).

Still, the beginning of the Jerry Brown "Serious" commercial is strong enough and for that reason I believe it to be a solid and refreshing political commercial.

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