Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tennessee Guerilla Women: San Francisco Chronicle Endorses 'None of the Above'

What I find interesting about the above article was how it matches my own view so closely. In a recent AlexLOGIC article I basically stated that Barbara Boxer may have overstepped the boundaries of political ethics in advertising by editing together different Carly Fiorina sound quotes to make them sound like one continuous, unedited sentence.

My point had been that if Boxer is that unethical, and Fiorina that slow to respond, maybe neither is the right choice, lol, and it looks like the San Francisco Chronicle agrees. Kudos to the San Francisco Chronicle for not simply backing choice A or choice B.

Maybe one day candidates will be able to run as "independents" and actually be taken seriously by all, maybe that day is sooner rather than later. Once again, the AlexLOGIC perspective proves insightful and cutting edge, as does the San Francisco Chronicle.

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