Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About all the Thumbnail Images located on the left and right side columns of AlexLOGIC's Blog.

The several dozen images located on the left and right side of this (AlexLOGIC) blog are projects that I, Alessandro Machi, had some involvement in. These projects now span around 25 years, from the time I was just starting college, to the present.

I am actually still missing several dozen images and eventually I hope to find the appropriate thumbnail image for projects that I have participated in but have not written about yet. When you click on an image, it should take you to either a video of the image, or an article that explains the story behind the image.

Besides my own projects and projects that I have worked on for others, I did a LOT of editing on additional projects. I feel the combination of shooting both film, video, and also editing my own projects plus others has given me an amazing foundation of knowledge that I now want to pass on to those who are interested in learning several concepts in a few hours that may have taken me years and tens of thousands of miles of travel to learn.

When my classroom has been rebuilt to my specifications, I will make an annoucement here and elsewhere for those who live in the Los Angeles area and who may want to take these one of a kind classes.

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