Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If the Rescued Chilean Miners story were made into a Television Series, what exciting plot twist would be added to the story? (warning: spoof alert)

I was just thinking that if the Chilean Miners rescue story were made into a Hollywood television series, there would probably be some plot twist added to make an already larger than life story even larger.
A "Lost" motif be added to the series, think "Lost", only the series would be called "Trapped".
"Trapped" the television series would delve into the minds of the miners and how they ended up mining on that particular mine on that fateful day. The first season proves so successful the network decide to extend the show to a second season and in the season finale, an ironic twist occurs.

The miners decide to refuse to come up unless several of their demands are met.

The Chilean miners' demands have local, state, and international rammifications.
The local mayor spins the miners demand and blames their delusional state from living underground and breathing the same air for so long. The men's wives and significant others have far ranging reactions (cue the music) to the decision of the miners to boycott being rescued, including outrage, anger, bewilderment, and even relief.

Supporters of the miners immediately begin making protest signs and banners announcing the miners demands. The local banking community supports the delayed rescue because of the outside revenue that is pouring in to the local community on a daily basis. And yet, some of the bankers remain concerned that the miners demands might raise awareness about societal issues that are not profitable to address.

The second season opens with the miners first demand being meet as Britney Spears performs a first in kind performance inside the mine. Britney's first number has her being lowered to the miners via a trapeze as she bellows out, "When I found you".

The second episode of the second season finds Barack Obama speaking to the miners imploring them to not give in until every one of their demands has been met. "Survivor" the television show does a remote from the trapped miners location and pits the men into two groups vying for cavemen supremacy. In a live episode, an international lottery has been set up and after a billion dollars has been raised to fight social injustice, numbered ping pong balls are dropped down the long venting tube and the miners announce the numbers as an international audience of one billion people hold onto their mining lotto tickets.

In the season finale, a paved road now reaches the miners and the miners are escorted out in hybrid limousines to worldwide adoration.

On a serious note, why is it in the United States that when miners are trapped for long periods of time, they die, but in Chile, they live?

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