Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Explaining how after Jerry Brown hung up the phone his offices conversation continued to be recorded.

I'm using my over 2 decades working with film, video and audio production to figure out how we could hear Jerry Brown obviously hang up the phone, yet not hang up the phone. The obvious answer is the phone just did not quite make it onto the hook, and that is one scenario.

However, there is another scenario to consider. Lets say an aide at a nearby desk dialed the call but uses the speaker phone to hear when the other party picks up the phone, at which point Jerry is signaled to pick up his phone. This is not that unrealistic of a scenario since many times that is what an aides job is, to make calls and connections for the higher ups in the office.

The aide that made the original phone call may have actually kept the speaker phone on after Jerry Brown began speaking because it makes it easier to keep everybody else in the room immediately aware of what Jerry Brown is actually saying during the phone call. It is easier to sit next to a speaker phone situated 20 feet away from Jerry Brown rather than try and listen to Jerry Brown talk directly into the phone from that distance.

Jerry Brown finishes the phone call and actually does hang up, however, the speaker phone at a nearby desk is still on, thereby keeping the line active, causing the answer device to keep recording because it can still detect sounds being uttered.

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