Wednesday, October 20, 2010

James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers needs electroshock therapy, he just doesn't know it yet.

Apparently James Harrison can only hit an opposing National Football League player with a force in keeping with the great Ram Bam in the sky, Ramosauras Wrecks. However, unlike Ramosauras Wrecks, James Harrison likes to head butt his opponent when they are looking in some other direction.

Ramosauras Wrecks likes it even better when his intended target is silly enough to jump in the air and try and hold onto a leather ball. James "Ramosauras Wrecks" Harrison was recently fined 75,000 dollars for his helmet to helmet hits and in response, Harrison may decide to retire.

Do you feel a warm rush of empathy for Ramosauras Wrecks? Hey, lets pass a donation plate around and see if we can help pay the 75,000 dollar fine for Ramosauras Wrecks. I kind of do feel sorry for Mr. James Harrison. He just wants to be left alone so he can continue to head butt players who aren't looking his way or are in a vulnerable position and can't protect themselves.

Maybe a compromise can be worked out. The NFL waives the 75,000 fine against Mr. Harrison and instead puts electrodes on his helmet that sends massive voltage after future helmet to helmet hits.

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