Monday, February 7, 2011

Harriet's Law takes a new perspective on Law and Order Shows.

It looks like David E Kelley has managed to reinvent the legal show genre in an original way with Harriet's Law, which can be seen on NBC every Monday Night at 10PM, with a bonus rerun Saturday Nights as well. In the episode that is running as I write this, Mr. Kelley managed to handle a situation in the opening scene that has long been one of my pet peeves about our society.

A smitten lawyer from the show is planning a weekend trip with his girlfriend of just one week. The two are discussing their plans via cellphone, at night, as they walk to their cars. Suddenly, the girl is attacked by a would be rapist.

Scenes like this are wake up calls reminding us that just because we own cellphones and Ipods and Ipads does not make us "safe" as we walk to our cars at night, and this is a message that is too infrequently broadcast on television.

Of course, the attack scene while the good guys were gabbing to each other on their cell phones was very powerful. Hopefully this scene will remind others that just because they own a cell phone does not mean they are impervious to their surroundings simply because they choose to ignore the world around them as they gab on the phone.

It will be interesting to see if Harriet's Law ever takes on the issue of unfair foreclosures in the United States.

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