Monday, February 21, 2011

When Television is ahead of its time, Harry's Law and Fairly Legal promote dispute resolution, something the real world can't seem to fathom.

When Egypt was in lock down for a week, I suggested halfway through that Hosni Mubarak should come down from this throne and walk among the people, and talk to them. I further suggested Mubarak should immediately hire six of the street protestors to be part of the transition team, and then a few days later, hire an additional six that would be selected by the street protestors.

Instead, the military has taken over.

Fast Forward to Libya, where there are reports of protestors being gunned down by war planes from above. If Mubarak had met with his people, perhaps Moammar Gaddafi (aka Kadafi)
doesn't kill his own people if Mubarak had met with his.

I think its great that the networks picked this year to come up with two quality shows, Harry's Law, and Fairly Legal, that focus on dispute resolution over gunfire, too bad the real world could not follow suit.

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