Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Million Dollar Money Drop is a Drip Off and how Fox Television can fix the leak.

The biggest problem with Million Dollar Money Drop is it almost doesn't matter how much money contestants start with, they inevitably lose a certain portion every round so even if they make it to the final round, round seven, they have lost anywhere from 50% to 90% of the money they started with, EVEN THOUGH THE CONTESTANTS HAVE TO WIN EVERY ROUND!

It is my assertion that Million Dollar Money Drop could become 5 Million Dollar Money Drop and contestants would at most win 100,000 to 200,000 dollars because the game is systemically engineered against the contestants.

It's a shame really because the questions are fun. The question side of million dollar money drop is the best part of the show, and I would rethink the money drop part very quickly before fans of the show simply realize how difficult it is to come away with just a small fraction of the original million dollars.

The advice I just shared in this article, that Million Dollar Money Drop could go up to either 2 million, or 5 Million Dollar Money Drop, without breaking Fox's bankbook, is worth tens of millions of dollars to Fox Television because the minimal increase in contestants winnings would be overshadowed by an increase in ratings, or the prevention of ratings erosion.
Hey Fox, if you use my suggestion, please contact me about my fee.

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