Thursday, January 27, 2011

Come on Charlie Sheen, Do the Right Thing.

There is so much wrongness with Charlie Sheen's apparent penchant for partying with porn stars that allegedly includes drugs and drinking and that has now landed him in the hospital in serious condition.

But to start, there is plenty of stand up comedy routine material at Charlie Sheen's expense.

At least now they won't have to change the name of the show from Two and a Half men.
I hear that CBS is thinking of a spin off from Two and a Half men even if Charlie Sheen passes away. The new show will be fashioned after "Breakfast at Bernies" and will be called, "Cocktails with Charlie". CBS is debating whether or not to freeze and unthaw Charlie for each episode or use a cardboard cutout.
If Two and a Half men is canceled but Charlie's shell survies, CBS has a reality TV Show called "Charlie and Teddy" waiting in the wings. In this no holds barred reality tv show, Charlie mentors Teddy Williams and helps turn Teddy's life around and upside down.
What I find most unfortunate about Charlie Sheen's apparent boredom with his life is that when he got that huge pay increase from 800,000 dollars an episode to 2 million dollars an episode, did Charlie Sheen even consider donating 10% or 20% of that paycheck to women's shelters?

Let's not forget that every time Charlie Sheen has a "party" and allegedly pays call girls, prostitutes, escorts or porn stars several thousands of dollars, he increases the lure of those businesses and the excitement of becoming a call girl, escort, or prostitute or a porn star.

If Charlie Sheen is paying for sex, he becomes a "call girl, prostitute, escort, porn star catalyst", and as such, he should at the very least balance that out by supporting women's shelters as well.

That is why I have no sympathy for the guy, even if he croaks. And Charlie, if the pleasure remains, does it really remain a pleasure?

Dumb Ass.

I guess Charlie is bored with being on top.
The CBS writers should write Charlie's swan song scene while Charlie is still around. Instead of the trail of clothes that leads to the bedroom and a couple making love, have a trail of sleeping women that lead from the front door of Charlie's Malibu pad to the bedroom, then in the bedroom there would be a pile of women, all on top of Charlie.
The camera dollies past all the sleeping women, from the front door to the bedroom and ends up on Charlie, who is covered from toe to neck in women. We see Charlie's ghostly spirit slowly rise towards the ceiling, and one of the women yells out, "Call me", Charlie.
In a final ironic twist, Charlie's ghostly spirit is not able to float through the ceiling. Instead, we see Charlie's head hitting the ceiling over and over and over and over, with some ow's throw in for good measure.
Then we hear the infamous... MMMeeennnnnnnnnnnn.....fade into an echo...

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