Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Idea for Dick Clark and Next Years New Years Eve Countdown Party.

During the 80's and moreso the 90's, millions of americans marveled at Dick Clark's ability to fight father time and still look and sound like the Dick Clark of the early 70's. Then Mr. Clark experienced a stroke in 2004, and basically has lost his announcer's voice.

Rather than watch Mr. Clark attempt to speak with more difficulty each and every passing year, why not merge the old with the new? I'd love to see a present day Dick Clark merged with his voice from 10 or 20 years ago, heck, even thirty years ago.

Dick Clark could video tape present day segments using old transcripts from vintage shows as his script. Then Clarks vintage voice from a prior era could be lip synched to the present. We could see Clark doing general comments and his countdown from the present, but hear his voice from the past at the same time.

One flaw might be that Clark's vintage voice probably only exists as a mixed audio track with the crowds background sound, so when those two soundtracks are mixed with the present day soundtrack, we no longer have a pure mix of the present day soundtrack only. Although I seem to recall that whenever we heard Clark speak from long ago, it was pretty much just him we heard, so maybe this could work!

I have not quite figured out if Mr. Clark's old voice would needed for the actual stating of the new years eve countdown, as that would make the process more difficult to figure out.

Here is my AlexLOGIC take on why this is a great idea. If not now, when?

If Dick Clark in his prime, which spanned several decades, can't even beat out a post stroke Dick Clark whose time has been greatly curtailed, then it means we are over prioritizing the present, at the expense of our historical past.

I hope someone near to Dick Clark has the savy and guts to suggest melding Dick Clarks voice from years past with the present day Dick Clark, into next years New Years Eve Countdown Show, I think it could be a lot of fun.

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