Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sometimes AlexLOGIC helps "fix" little things found on the internet that don't make sense, even for big sites like AOL.

Click here to see a comment I left at an AOL site about their hideous title displays for archived articles. Once I left the comment/article (with a link to the awful looking headline display), I saw a watch option for the comment/article.

The watch option is wonky as well. If I click on watch this article, it goes to (1), but switches to unwatch.

If I click on "unwatch" it goes to zero, but says watch. But if I click on watch again, it goes back to (1), but says unwatch. That makes it look like I have either "unwatched" one topic, or am watching one topic, two completely opposite interpretations.

Without knowing if the original watch default setting is watch or unwatch, it is actually impossible to figure out what the above means.

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