Wednesday, January 26, 2011

M & M's with a pretzel on the inside, I don't get it.

Having never touched a package of m & m pretzel candies, I can honestly say I don't get it.

Is there one big pretzel inside the package covered with an m & m coating, or, are there small m & m's with an even smaller pretzel inside each one?

I'm assuming there is one big pretzel with a huge m & m coating, but I'm really not sure. It seems to me that the whole commercial concept is backwards.

It seems to me that the pretzel doesn't want to get an m & m overcoating, rather than an m & m worried about getting violated by a pretzel.

Dare I touch an m & m package the next time I am in a grocery store line so I can learn? You'd think the commercial would be more clear. Even the end voiceover is not clear in my opinion.

If you leave a comment, please state whether you were able to figure out what the heck m & m pretzels are BEFORE you either saw, felt or opened a package. If I am not alone in my assertion that the m & m pretzel commercial is confusing, than m & m being such a well known brand has dropped the ball big time, because I think people think they know, when they really don't know.

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