Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sarah Shahi of Fairly Legal, the new Calista Flockhart.

I saw Sarah Shahi for the first time on Fairly Legal today, and my Calista Flockhart radar went up. Shahi is cute, bubbly, engaging, intelligent, and thankfully, not quite so rail thin as Calista Flockhart was to the point where a strong gust of wind would have blown Flockhart several blocks down the street.

The make-up for the show seems really well done as well, hold on to them before they get signed away by a bigger budgeted show.

Fairly Legal airs Thursday at 10PM on USA Channel, and is then rebroadcast on the weekend.

I just saw a promo for the show and the drop the clothing from behind shot showing off her butt, highly inappropriate and unnecessary. Nice butt, but to stoop to that level is selling out the last vestige of classier television.

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