Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Million Dollar Money Drop, Saw it for the First Time Last Night, it needs work.

After the brouhaha over the 800,000 Million Dollar Money Drop Mistake, I decided to watch Tuesday night to see how the show works. Million Dollar Money Drop is not a bad idea in terms of the excitement it creates, but in my opinion it's a work in progress and has some deep flaws.

While I am tempted to share what I think will make the show better, in this instance I won't simply because I don't need to make Fox an extra gazillion dollars, unless they pay me to be a consultant.

However, I had the fortune of watching my mom watch the show, and frankly, she did a better job of evaluating the show than I did.
By the end of the fifth round, she waved her hand away and said, "What kind of a show is this, they start with a lot of money, and end up with nothing".

Million Dollar Money Drop has created strong dynamics such as the interaction between the couple as they try to figure out the correct answer, the visual of the million dollars right on the set, and the questions tend to be the kind of questions where you think you should know the answer even when you don't. These are all in favor of the show.

But unless other parts of the show are fixed, this show will end up as just another game show.

One other thing. It was EXTREMELY TACKY and perhaps even Fraud excerpts from the first week that showed Gabe Okoye fall to the ground in extreme discomfort because he thought he had gotten an answer wrong, when Okoye and his girlfriend Brittany Mayti had actually gotten the answer right.

The show Million Dollar Money Drop is perpetuating a lie by showing that clip.

If Million Dollar money drop wants to right their wrong, I would recommend a 500,000 dollar settlement for the first mistake they made when they told Okoye and Mayti they had answered a question wrong when they actually got it right, a continuation of play from the point in which the mistake was made, and unfortunately, by showing Okoye in new promos at the front of the show falling in defeat when he actually should have been celebrating, should be grounds for additional damages as well.

Fox should know better, Fox should do better.

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