Monday, May 2, 2011

AT&T ski lift commercial one of the funniest all time commercials

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Is it fair to say that the AT&T ski lift commercial is one of the top ten funniest commercials of all time? The commercial is well written, edited and directed, and the sound quality is tremendous. The voice and acting of the bearded, forlorn boyfriend is excellent. Here is a short interview with Derek Reckley.

I don't know who the bearded actor is, but he reminds me of a combination John Belushi / Jack Black, but with a better voice. Even the barely heard off camera "Whaaaat" when his ex girlfriend begins sending his buddy rapid fire text messages is hilarious.

I really wouldn't change a thing about the commercial.

And yet, if I were hired as a video consultant for this commercial, there is a suggestion I would make that I think the agency and AT & T would love.

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