Sunday, May 8, 2011

MTV CEO NOT FIRED for airing Audrina, Made, and Mobster's Wives after historically devastating Tornados, but for disliking a show about all girl band!

Is it a good thing when ONE nine year old girl can raise more money than two well known television channels?

On April 28th, 2011, I wrote on my Wall Street Change blog that I found it pathetic that MTV continued to air their standard programming even after reports of the worst tornados in the United States in several decades, (later it was stated as the past 80 years).

How dare a station like MTV claim to be about more than music and reality tv programming, how dare MTV do stories about global responsibilities while MTV ignores tornados in america's heartland so severe that over 300 people died (and others are still missing). So when I read that the CEO of recently MTV resigned, I initially presumed it had something to with MTV's unwillingness to devote any of their daytime programming slots to the victims of the worst tornados in the past 80 years.

I was wrong. MTV kept broadcasting episodes of Audrina, Mobster's Wives, and Made right after the heartland of America had been devastated by dozens of killer tornados, yet this is not what made MTV CEO Judy McGrath resign her position.

McGrath resigned because she didn't like a new reality tv show about an all girl rock band that Sumner Redstone had pushed through. wow. Is not this the perfect example of unhinged narcissism courtesy of MTV, McGrath, and Redstone?

The CEO does not resign over lack of coverage of killer tornados that literally wiped rural cities off of the U.S. map, but CEO of MTV does resign over objections to a new reality television show.

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