Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cutest 2011 commercial on television, Susie's lemonade Stand Small Business Verizon Commercial.

Alex LOGIC commends the makers of Verizon's small business commercial, Susie's Lemoade Stand, for getting ALL of the video technical aspects perfect. The editing, sound mix, sound clarity of voice within the sound mix, the acting / directing, the casting, cinematography, all perfect.

The only thing I partially disagree with in the ad is the ending slogan, "The small business with the best technology, rules".

Maybe Verizon should make a one minute version of this ad and intercut "Jack's lemonade stand". Jack does everything that Susie does, but does not have the same success as Susie because his product is awful. (picture the three executives spitting out his drink).

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Anonymous said...

how come it has to be the black kid that says "that's why she's the boss."

Alessandro Machi said...

You must be referring to the 2012 Suzy commercial. I have not reviewed that commercial yet because it was much lamer than the 2011 commercial.

When it comes to beginning acting, usually it's not the actual line that matters as much to the actor as how many lines they get to say. And yet, being given a subservient line can pigeon hole any actor into more of the same type of parts.

It seems that having the actor say, "That's why she's Suze" would have actually been a funnier line and less insensitive.

Or it's payback for the Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign. (joke).