Monday, May 9, 2011

Hyundai Assurance Commercial, a good idea that is well written and beautifully voiced over by Jeff Bridges.

Awesome win by Hyundai with their new Assurance Commercial starring Jeff Bridges. It's well written, a great idea, and Jeff Bridges does a fantastic job with the voice over, hitting all the nuances so softly they have even more impact.
The consumer advocate in me does have one question however. Hyundai promises a certain value on a Hyundai trade in, but to get that trade in value, one must buy another Hyundai, no? Will Hyundai actually pay an assured amount in cash back if no new Hyundai car is purchased? (Alex LOGIC Alert, below is the type of ingenuity you can expect from Alex LOGIC consulting services)
Imagine the power of Jeff Bridge's voice saying in his laid back and ultra effective manner, ..."Cash back when you trade in your used Hyundai car even if you don't purchase another Hyundai". (the cash back amount does not have to be as much as the assurance value given on a trade in for a new Hyundai and the cash back could be limited to a certain age range for Hyundai cars, or not.)
And then there is the possible issue of Hyundai not offering as much of a price discount on a new Hyundai to a customer trading in a used Hyundai with the assurance trade in value, versus a first time Hyundai car buyer. Just sayin.

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